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Welcome To Tranzotica
The album has had 130,000 downloads
This latest CD is a collection of Ambient Sounds,
that soothes the listeners ears into a tranquil
and relaxing state of mind.

A CD compilation that has over 60 minutes of music that sports a complexity
of ethics sounds woven together in an
integral way that focuses
the instruments in a refreshing way.

A 21 Century approach to to the musical style of Exotica Music

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KP: What inspired you to create Tranzotica

PD: I like experimenting with alternative forms of music. Anybody that is familiar with my work, knows I am tough to pigeonhole. I wanted to create an ambient, New Age, chill CD of music that
was more organic with real instruments and the latest keyboard samplings. I wanted real instruments that breathes and have more natural tones, like guitars, mandolins, Octave Mandolin, Celtic Bouzouki, Sitar, Charango, Hawaiian Lap Steele, and various Ukuleles including a Banjolele. The combination between Organic (real) instruments and the capabilities of the Keyboard/Computer, I think I created a depth to the relaxation concept that opens up new territories in Ambient,
New Age sounds.

KP: Do you play all the instruments?

PD: I play everything except on "Wandering Lust" in which I used Kris Steele on a Spanish Lute.

KP: What instruments are on the CD or what is your favorite?

PD: The Charango turned out to be my favorite instrument for this project. It’s a ten string soprano instrument from Bolivia. It has this incredible sound, so rich and full. It is featured on three of the tunes; "Midnight Sojourn", "Feeling Lucky", and "And So It Goes".

KP: For a talented singer, why did you choose not to sing on this compilation?

PD:  At the beginning of the project I suppose I had in my mind to sing long ooohhhhs, and aaaahhhhs, but as I started layering different instruments I decided to let the instruments do the singing for me.

KP: What is the significance of the cover?

PD: The background is a city building with tons of people assembled, squeezed tightly together photographed in black and white. Then you have the center picture, or rather a postcard in full lush tropical colors, with me and my six string Ukulele, looking very relaxed and happy. A surreal place where I’d like my listeners to escape to.

KP: How long did it take to record Tranzotica?

PD: It was started seven years ago and then between living, and other projects, I finally went back to it in 2008.

KP: How did you approach writing these songs?

PD: I usually started playing around on one instrument. On "Midnight Sojourn" I started composing on my Charango, came up with a sequence of chords, and then recorded it. I then overdubbed piano, adding a counterpoint, balance to the Charango, then strings, and finally Bass Guitar.

KP: This album is a departure from your normal style. Did you change your songwriting approach as well in the making of this album?

I did because again let’s take "Midnight Sojourn" as an example. First thing that is obvious, is that there is no vocal, so now where does the melody go? Well in this case the melody is played completely on the Bass guitar, which obliviously fills in the bottom sound, but also brings the instrument up front, commanding the listener’s attention.

KP: What artists influenced your music?

Stravinsky, Beethoven, Martin Denny, Philip Glass, John Coltrane, and John Cage.

KP: What experiences influenced your music?

PD: The need to be able to relax, feel free, happy, tranquil, and to get away from the stresses from modern life.

KP: Where is the place that you "escape to" when you listen to this album?

PD: Tranzotica of course, my perfect world, where everything is wonderful and peaceful. Others may call it Shangri-La, but I call it Tranzotica.

KP: Do you foresee a follow-up album?

I begin working on a Rock and Roll album of covers in March, and expect it to be released in the fall of 2009. I’d like to see if people like Tranzotica and if they do, yes I’d like to take it further.

Welcome To Tranzotica has been downloaded over 110,000 times since its release!

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