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Welcome To Tranzotica
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This latest CD is a collection of Ambient Sounds,
that soothes the listeners ears into a tranquil
and relaxing state of mind.

A CD compilation that has over 60 minutes of music that sports a complexity of ethics sounds woven together in
integral way that focuses the instruments in a refreshing way.

Welcome To Tranzotica
has been downloaded over 120,000 times since its release!

Now you can download the album from
Tracklisting and MP3 samples: itunes store: Welcome To Tranzotica

Some reviews online:

highly recommend this. * * * * *
I really like this collection of songs. It makes me feel relaxed and positive.

Very soothing *****

by Russ_

The music is very relaxing and didn't repeat after almost an hour of listening. It's easy to let your mind wander
while watching the calming images (which didn't repeat for me!). I like that you can change the themes
 for different kinds of images (I like the fractals!).

Nice and relaxing  ****
By: Preacher232

Nice and relaxing app! I found the music and scenery really relaxing.
A nice variety of backgrounds with a great mix of music!


Welcome to Tranzotica

5 stars - Ge ni ale!, Superbe! *****
G kiffe l'application, tout ce que jm des photos superbes, des belles musique, super relaxant bravo
aux créateurs de lappli! (from French to roughly)

Ge or ale!, Superb! G gets off on the application everything jm, beautiful photos, beautiful music, relaxing super
bravo to the creators of Lapple!

4 stars - ****
Pas mal, Belles images et musique douce, idéal pour s'endormir LOL merci aux développeurs
(from French to) Not bad, beautiful images and soft music, perfect for falling asleep LOL thank you to the developers

5.0 out of 5 stars *****
Wonderful Ambient Music, December 6, 2009

I actually downloaded the whole album from "[...]", and thought it deserved a review. This is an instrumental, Ambient;
relaxation collection of songs with real instruments all played by Ms Davis. I was very impressed with the fact that
she can play so many instruments, guitar, Tenor guitar, ukulele, mandolin, Bouzouki, Piano, Sitar, Charango, Banjo, Drums, etc.
This information I found on her website at . Very impressive one person doing everything so well, which may
explain the organic nature in her music.

Also found out she is a singer and an excellent one at that, but for this project it's all soothing relaxation instrumental music,
which I actually listen to a few times a day while at my desk at work. Marvelous music I hope she does another
album of worthy tunes like this. Also I found an iphone application with the same music
at the iphone store called "Relax With Tranzotica".

This is the best wind down on the subway, after work and before picking up the kids.
The music sets me back a pace and helps me tackle what's next. It's like a mini visit to the spa for your mind.

One of my favorite albums.
Welcome to Tranzotica I've listened to this album dozens of times, and frankly each time
I do I can't help but loosen up, let go, and feel more relaxed. Welcome to Tranzotica is
great music to listen to during a romantic dinner, relaxing in a hammock or your favorite chair, or taking a walk in the park.
I even listen to it sometimes while stuck in heavy traffic at rush hour. I've been a happier driver when I do. For "ambient" music,
I find I listen more attentively to this album than I do with pop music. It is beautifully written, arranged, produced, and recorded.
By Farscapefan#1000

Absolutely Outstanding!!!!!!! *****
Extremely well done! Polished! The photography is out of this world! And the music.........
What an accomplishment. Beautifully done. This is an outstanding relaxation tool.
Meditation tool. I highly recommend this. It's flawless! Thank you.
From "Laughing Dolphin"

Nice and relaxing ****
Nice and relaxing app! I found the music and scenery really relaxing.
A nice variety of backgrounds with a great mix of music!
By: Preacher232
Source: Apple App Store

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