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Escape To Tranzotica

Pamela Davis's musical legacy continues with her third instrumental album "Escape To Tranzotica", set for release. Her third release to her mythical island named Tranzotica. Skope Magazine writer William sums of the new music with, "You will feel like smiling from the first note to the last."
July 2017
CD sale price $9.99


Timeline is singer songwriter Pamela Davis' latest rock album.This superbly crafted album of compelling songs and impressive artistry demonstrates why Pamela Davis is still at the top of her creative music making.
14 original songs
Sept 2015

CD sale price $9.99

Return To Tranzotica

The new ambient album continues it spiritual journey where the first album left off, creating sonic imagery for an overpoweringly enlightening experience. Prepare to escape to a mythical island, on a magic carpet ride high in the clouds.

CD sale price 9.99
Don't Look Back

11 new track 2013

CD price $9.99

One Voice, One Guitar

An intimate acoustic performance
OOne Voice, One Guitar is reminiscent of the days of the Folk Music era, with just the singer and guitar to accompany her. The singer, songwriter, strikes a nice balance with her musical selections. She captures the listener with her poetic verses
and her emotions.
Pamela on acoustic guitar and vocals.
A compilation of 15 original songs, with one cover.

CD price $9.99

Welcome To Tranzotica
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Relaxation Instrumental

Welcome To Tranzotica has massive sales of over 130,000 downloads. The first new age, world instrumental album, that features a collection of Ambient Sounds. The album soothes the listeners ears into a tranquil and relaxing state of mind. A compilation that has over 60 minutes of music that sports a complexity of ethics sounds woven together in an integral way that focuses the instruments in a new and refreshing way.
CD price $9.99

Play To Win
TalesofPamula.jpg (33783 bytes)

The really impressive thing about Play To Win" is that it is a completely solo effort. All the songs were written, performed, sung and produced by Pamela. Her music, uniquely intimate, makes a connection with the listener that distinguishes her music as truly original. With her sultry voice, you'll know she's in control. This long legged blonde has a way of captivating the listener with her blend of different styles. "I like a wide range of music, and when you put all my variations together, it becomes my own signature".

D price $9.99

Clear Blue SkiesToday
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12 original songs 2011



CD price $9.99

Random Harvest
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A collection of cover rock songs
Random Harvest" is a guitar driven, gusty vocal, all out good time rock album.

CD price 9.99



Relax With Tranzotica
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"Relax With Tranzotica"