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May 14, 2014
Digital release for
Vocal Warm-Ups For The Modern Singer

is now available for download
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Pamela is posing with a digital download card
for Vocal album. You can also hear samples and purchase from Amazon.

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It's official my vocal warmup CD is officially out digitally today on Amazon
The CD version is out of print, because now it is available worldwide digitally.
Available on itunes & Amazon

March 18th, 2014
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My new Ambient / New Age instrumental album "Return To Tranzotica" is officially released today, thoughts come up on the making of the album. I have a Sitar song called "Celebration" that I recorded in one take. The backing tracks were in place and I carefully had two mics placed near the Sitar as I sat on the floor. Having a few friends in the room made me want to do my best, and as a result (thanks to them), I was able to get into it & play it in one take. BTW, it was all improvised except for the choruses. You can hear it on iTunes:

March 17, 2014

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The sequel to the number one international chart topper,
 Return To Tranzotica is soon to be released.

The new ambient album continues it spiritual journey where the first album left off,
creating sonic imagery for an overpoweringly enlightening experience. Prepare to escape to a mythical island,
on a magic carpet ride high in the clouds

December 2013
Video for title track 'Don't Look Back'

Video Shoot for the 'Don't Look Back' video.

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Shooting the war scenes were a lot of fun and a lot of hardwork.
The director, D.R. Paulsen insisted we look as real as possible.

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Pamela Davis with Nic Rodell who co-stars in the video

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November 2013

Franz Mesmer video from the new album 'Don't Look Back"

At Franz Mesmer Grave.
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October 2013

Don't Look Back - The Interview

Nic Rodell interviews Pamela on the making of her latest album 'Don't Look Back'.
Pamela performs live 'Sunday Afternoon' and 'Exile' .

Performing live 'Paradise With You'.
Pamela on "Wandering Thru Wayne's World"
WRPBITV internet TV

Pamela Davis On Wandering Thru Wayne Worlds

Pamela Davis On Wandering Thru Wayne worlds. First broadcasted on Sept. 10, 2013 on internet TV. Sit back, relax and hear Wayne talked to Pamela about the music business, and about her long career in the music business. Pamela also sings live 'Paradise With You', off her latest album 'Don't Look Back'.

October 4, 2013
Don't Look Back
Interview and performances

Pamela with Nic Rodell for a interview, and performance
shoot for Don't Look Back.

Sept. 27, 2013

Beacon Magazine article.
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Sept 4, 2013
Jango radio is playing my songs
Paradise With You' and
Franz Mesmer
You can listen in at

Also DJ Helder Rock is playing my songs in England
and on his Europian shows

Featured on internet TV '
Wandering Thru Wayne's World
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Wayne from WRPBITV internet TV has informed me that the show with me on,
premieres tomorrow night at 10. Hope you can tune in and watch
'Wandering Thru Wayne's World'.
It will also be repeated Wednesdays @ 10:00am
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I sang 'Paradise With You' live in the studio,
which is off my latest album Don't Look Back

My latest album
Don't Look Back is released

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11 brand new songs
Buy the CD for $10.99

August 2013
The Beacon Magazine
ran this article on me - Thank you Burt Brewer

While recording my follow up to
my ambient album "Welcome To Tranzotica",
I also recorded a rock album called
"Don't Look Back".
This album is being released first,
and then in later in 2013,
I will release Return To Tranzotica.

May 2013

Working on the followup to 'Welcome To Tranzotica'
which will be released in the fall 2013.

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Pamela in the recording studio working
on her followup to

Welcome To Tranzotica.

The new CD is expected to be released
in the fall of 2012

Feb 2013
Cathleen Kelleher Benefit Concert

Pamela & Hugh O'Neill performing
'You're Love Means Everything To Me'
from Pamela's album
'Clear Blue Skies'.

Backstage before last night's show with Hugh O'Neill and  comedian Brendan Grace.

April 2012
In the studio working on my next ambient album
Relax To Tranzotica
First track completed, called Charmed.
New album will be similar to the
last, relaxing ambient music.