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Welcome To Tranzotica has massive sales of over 130,000 downloads
Relaxation Instrumental music

The first of Pamela's new age, world instrumental album, that features a collection of Ambient Sounds.
The album soothes the listeners ears into a tranquil and relaxing state of mind. A compilation that has over 60 minutes of music that sports a complexity of ethics sounds woven together in an integral way that focuses the instruments in a new and refreshing way.

"Welcome To Tranzotica" is an escape from the grind of life.
A place to relax, chill out, and feel positive about one self.

Pamela Davis first ambient instrumental compilation features a collage of organic instruments that makes one soul tingle from head to toe. A CD packed full of intriguing sounds that takes the listener to another place, another time, another realm of reality, to unpredictable heights.

Along with a mixture of Keyboard's finest samples of sounds mixed with real organic instruments including acoustic and classical guitars, mandolins, Octave Mandolin, Celtic Bouzouki, Sitar, Charango, Percussion, Hawaiian Lap Steele, and various Ukuleles including a Banjolele. Pamela has been a recording artist for over thirty years and struts her production abilities in the studio quite masterly. Her years of performing, producing, and teaching, all come to a wonderful and delightful conclusion on her latest release.
All songs composed by Pamela Davis

iphone application using "Welcome To Tranzotica" music

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"Welcome To Tranzotica"
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