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Welcome to Relax with Tranzotica.
It’s time to get centered. Relax. Regroup.

Use Relax with Tranzotica to de-stress during difficult days or unwind before sleep. Beautiful images and music draw you in to create an experience of peace, serenity, and calm.

Select from these ever-changing visual themes, or create your own atmosphere:
> Sunrises and sunsets
> Exotic flowers
> Tropical island beaches
> Waterfalls
> Mountains
> City skylines
> Redwood National Forest
> New England foliage
> and four more...

Tranzotica’s music is the creation of Pamela Davis, an accomplished independent artist of 25 years. She describes this recording as "a collage of ambient instrumental music that makes one soul tingle from head to toe...packed full of intriguing music that takes the listener to another place, another time, another realm of reality, to unpredictable heights."

No time for a yoga class, healthy meal, or spa treatment?
Relax with Tranzotica.

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Relax With Tranzotica
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Absolutely Outstanding!!!!!!! *****
Extremely well done! Polished! The photography is out of this world!
And the music.....
What an accomplishment. Beautifully done.
This is an outstanding relaxation tool.
Meditation tool. I highly recommend this. It's flawless! Thank you.
From "Laughing Dolphin"

Nice and relaxing  *****

By: Preacher232

Version: 2009001

Nice and relaxing app! *****
I found the music and scenery really relaxing.
A nice variety of backgrounds with a great mix of music!

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