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Pamela Davis new CD release
"One Voice, One Guitar"
An intimate acoustic performance
by Pamela on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals.

A compilation of 15 original songs,
with one cover.

I started listening to One Voice, One Guitar, so cool!
Baby's Out Tonight-love it, great Intro.!
Moonlight Dances On The Sea,
Love Is All, - such beautiful songs!
Felicia B. 1/2011

"Voice and guitar laced together for your delight. It's easy listening at its best. Close your eyes and Pamela will be playing just for you."
Jim S. 1/2011

I finally got to listen to One Voice
One Guitar CD. All I can say is WOW!!
What a great CD!.......

It brought back a lot of good memories of good times.
Love the style of music."

Chuck V. facebook 12/2/10

Easy to listen have a wonderful voice
and your lyrics are clever.
I like the stripped down album with the guitar and your voice.

Mary G. facebook 12/2/10

I like how the album has a consistent sound, which is natural given it is just your voice and guitar, yet there's a good variety of styles, moods, tempos, and topics.  For instance it struck me as a strategic move to put Snapshot after Railroad Boy, lightening the mood after a heavy song.  Plus it's more colorful overall having it arranged
like it is.  It's an instant favorite.
Ken 12/7/10



One Voice, One Guitar
By Mary Gauntner
Reviewed Dec 2010

At last, a music CD, One Voice, One Guitar by musician and singer, Pamela Davis, that goes back to the basics. Pamela Davis has written all but one song on the 16 tracks CD. Her rich voice is haunting at times, and strong, and gentle at other times. The CD is an intimate experience for the listener. It is almost like being in the same room, one on one, with the singer and her guitar.

This CD comes out on the heels of Welcome To Tranzotica, which has more of an ambient tranquil sound, while the CD, Random Harvest highlights cover tunes. One Voice, One Guitar is all Pamela Davis – singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist. She shows her strengths and command in all three areas as the listener will appreciate all three. On her songs, she wanted people to hear the lyrics without the cluttering of other instruments.

One Voice, One Guitar is reminiscent of the days of the Folk Music era, with just the singer and guitar to accompany her. The singer, songwriter, strikes a nice balance with her musical selections. She captures the listener with her poetic verses
and her emotions.

You won’t be disappointed when you listen to the wonderful voice, stripped down guitar playing and clever lyrics of Pamela Davis.

  1.  Baby’s Out Tonight
   2.  Round Peg, Square Hole
3.  Moonlight Dances On The Sea
 4.  Don’t Let It Go
5.  Play To Win
 6.  Love Is All
7.  Two Lovers
 8.  Railroad Boy
 9.  Snapshot
 10.  Tangled In Blue
 11.   Terrifying
 12.  The Void
 13.  Breaking Point
 14.  Here We Are
 15.  Take My Hand
16.  Blue Days, Blue Nights

Produced By Pamela Davis

Over 60 minutes of music

Out of print, but can be listened to on Spotify.
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