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Clear Blue Skies Today

12 original songs

CD price $9.99

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Track listing:
1. Hold On

2. Your Love Means Everything
3. You Make Me Feel Special
4. Don’t Let It go
5. Oceans
6. How Long
7. Clear Blue Skies Today
8. Summer’s Day
9. Here I Go Again
10. Hot In The Sun
11. Moonlight Dances On The Sea
12. Home Is Where You Are

All music & lyrics composed by: Pamela Davis
Produced, Arranged, & Engineered By Pamela Davis

Pamela Davis: Lead & Background Vocals,
Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Tenor & Octave Guitar,
Celtic & Greek Bouzouki, Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Ukulele, Mandolin, Drums & Percussion

Clear Blue Skies Today Interview

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