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Pamela Davis new CD release
"One Voice, One Guitar"
An intimate acoustic performance
by Pamela on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

A compilation of 15 original songs
with one cover.

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Out of print, but can be listened to on Spotify.
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One Voice, One Guitar
The Interview

Doing an interview is a hectic affair with Pamela as she is always so busy in the recording studio and teaching that I decided the best way to do an interview was by email.

We had several email exchanges and out of that is the interview that is presented here.


Ken: You recorded many of the tracks for this album just after you released Play To Win, but never released them. What inspired you to put this album together now?

Pamela: I was working on a retrospective CD project from the last twenty five years, when I found two CDs worth of material from the original “One Voice, One Guitar sessions. I played it and was blown away by the performance on it.

Ken: So was all of the material from those sessions, or did you record any new tracks for the album?

Pamela: Yes, I did record some new tracks. I recorded four new tracks, Moonlight Dances On The Sea, Don't Let It Go, Take My Hand, and Blue Days, Blue Nights. Also "Tangled In Blue" was a demo I found from 2005, that I thought sounded nice with this project.

Ken: Besides being a musician, teacher, and recording artist, I know you are very talented at production and sound engineering. Can you tell us about what went into producing and re-mastering these tracks?

Pamela: The older tracks were all done on a 16 track analog tape recorder, mixed onto DAT and then stored on CDs. All the tracks then went into post production, which is cleaning up any unwanted sounds like hiss or hum. The original tracks were so clean that very little post production was needed. I also feel the warmth of the tape added to the albums charm.

Ken: What audience are you striving to capture with One Voice, One Guitar?

Pamela: A coffeehouse audience, like the ones I used to play at in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Those were fun days, sharing the bill with other talented musicians, and poets. In those days people used to really listen to the performer, every nuance, every breathe. That's the point to this new album, I'm hoping people will close their eyes and intensely listen.

Ken: We know each track has the same 'one voice' on it, but did you use the same guitar for all the songs?

Pamela: Funny question, yes I did use the same guitar on all the tracks. I used my Guild Songbird guitar. The Songbird has a certain sound that reminds me of working on stage, so it was the obvious choice for this project. That’s the guitar I am holding on the cover of the CD.

Ken: What are your favorite tracks from the album?

Pamela: All of them. I had around thirty-one tracks, and picked the sixteen that I felt were the best and represented a nice collection of tunes from all eras of my recording career.

Ken: The song “Moonlight Dances On The Sea” has an subtle twist at the end. The song starts with a story of two people sharing a romantic moonlit walk on the beach, but at the end of the song there's a hint of sadness. Could you tell us more about the song?

Pamela: “Moonlight” is a romantic walk on the beach at night. Holding hands with your lover on a moonlit night, everything seems great, but those are rare times. Not everything is always perfect in one’s own life and the song reflects that. Insecurities, pressure from the outside world etc. There is a haunting sadness to this romantic song.

Ken: Are you planning to play out anywhere live where we might here these songs?

Pamela: I am in rehearsals right now with a Bass player, so time will tell.
I can not devote a lot of time to performing as my schedule is very full with teaching and studio work.

Ken: Is there a way to hear a sample of your album online?

Pamela: The only place right now to sample the songs are on itunes at:

itunes    CD Universe    Amazon

Ken: Any plans to do another acoustic album or single?

Pamela: I could easily put out another volume, but next release will be the "Clear Blue Skies" album,
which is a brand new band album with 14 original songs, late spring 2011.

One Voice, One Guitar

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