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Chapter One: The Author

My name is Kent McCracken and I live in Boston Massachusetts, where the streets of this old New England city has it's myths and secrets. I've got a story I have to share with you. My whole world has changed, and at times I wish I could return to those innocent times; but that was before my encounter with Pamula.

I had been aware of her the moment I entered the Paradise Club on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston on that hot July summer night. I had originally gone there, to listen to some new band, that had sent me their promo package looking for bookings. I work for Ultimate Hit Productions a few blocks up from the "Rockin' Boston" Club, and part of my job is to go around checking out new potentials to book. She was sitting at the bar and I along with a lot of other men were eyeing her. The band wasn't that good and I'd had a long, stressful day, so I decided to leave after one drink.

The next day I found myself procrastinating at work until 8:30, so I could make the fifteen minute walk to the club. I guess I was hoping I'd see that woman again. I found myself repeating this ritual night after night. She was always surrounded by different men. But this night was different. She stood out in her own aura. No one else was by her side. The red silk blouse matched the color of her fiery eyes. I was looking no where in particular when all of a sudden she looked directly at me with her bright and knowing smile. I had glanced away for a second to grab my Jack Daniel's and when I went to look back at her she was gone.

Two nights later I approached the empty bar stool next to hers, sat down and started a conversation. The ease in which she spoke only heightened my pleasure. Our conversation was cut short because she was ready to join the band on stage for some songs she had arranged to do with them. (Listen)  All Night Games.mp3 The first chord that was struck quickened my pulse. Her sultry, worldly voice and songs, took me to another dimension. I was hopelessly hooked on her even more than before. Her looks stole my heart from the beginning, just as her music stole my soul. She was magnificent, and the crowd and I both knew it, as she mesmerized the room.

After her set, she returned to her seat at the bar; the stool next to mine, I handed her my business card. I told her that I had connections with "Famous Agency" on Broadway in New York and would like to put a promo package together, pictures, bio, and a CD. I told her we could put a band behind her and get a tour going first in the US and then other larger markets in Europe and Japan. I remember being very excited and stupidly said, "Hey I could make you a star, bigger than you could ever imagine." She gazed into my eyes and I felt as though she was looking right through me, as if I was just a mere illusion. She then smiled, nodded her head and tossed her long blonde hair back. She understood it all, and said "I've been told that so many times, in so many life times." She finally agreed to meet in a recording studio on Mass Ave, near "Berklee School of Music" in a few days. She mentioned that she was a night person and didn't wake up until very late in the afternoon. I didn't really think much about it at the time, I mean I just figured she was another typical musician in that regard.

CHAPTER 6:  1690