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Chapter Five: The vampire is exposed

The whole recording session had me spooked but not enough to dampen my interest in Pamula. I could sense there was money to be made and I'd be damned if I wasn't gonna follow this through. When the session was over, I said a quick good-bye to Russ and got out of the studio. On the way out the door, Pamula asked me if I wanted to get something to drink and of course I said yes. We dropped her guitars off at my place in Coolidge Corner and took a cab to Columbus Avenue and entered the lounge portion of the restaurant. She said she liked it in there because a lot of strange, but sincere people hung out there. I stumble into a room with loud music on my way back from the bathroom. Guys were dancing and I couldn't handle it, and told her that I wanted to leave. I said a hasty good night and left abruptly. I was walking towards Copley Square to grab the last train home, when I realized I'd left her alone. Feeling guilty about leaving her alone in Boston, I decided to head back to the club. After walking the few blocks back I discovered that she had vanished and asked around where she was. Someone told me she headed out the door towards the Commons so I proceeded in that direction.

I did catch up to her on Arlington Street, but for some reason I stayed behind to spy on her. She looked so serene and peaceful. I noted that she seemed to be floating, not walking down the street, nodding and smiling to the various midnight strollers, as if they were all "children of the night." I heard her asking how business was and telling them to keep up the good work. Some of them even handed her something but I wasn't able to identify it. I wanted desperately to be able to find out exactly what was being said and then remembered that I still had my Camcorder in my bag that I had brought to the studio, but hadn't used. I rationalized that shooting videos on her now would make a nice video for "Down Below," but I hadn't realized how perfect at the time. Funny that she would know so many people in an area like this, but musicians are a breed of their own. Then I began videoing. (listen) Pray For The Prey mp3 I followed her into a bar near the Theater District, where she ordered a Tequila, but never drank it. Finally at the bar, a man approached her. They talked for a few minutes, and then I saw what appeared to be her hypnotizing him, with a strange and bizarre stare; locking eyes. She got up and motioned him to follow her. He was definitely in a trance and walked calmly behind her. Longing to be by her side, myself, I accepted my fate and discreetly hiding my camera under my jacket, continued to record her movements. I found myself thinking how well the camera seemed to like her and how she seemed to be posing for it. But, thankfully, so far she hadn't spotted me, or so I dimly thought. Finding myself getting turned on, she looked up and with a menacing glare, smiled at me, her eyes a bright fiery red. Her whole demure changed sharply, and appeared to be like an animal playing with her prey before the big kill. She was clearly the aggressor and continued nibbling on the guy, and that's when I noticed blood dripping from her teeth and lips. (listen) Take My Blood.mp3 The man's head hung limply to the side, and for a moment she wiped the blood from her face, as if she had just eaten the finest T-bone steak. Then never looking at her victim, she walked right past me and said, "Follow me."

She told me it was very foolish of me to have followed her, and at that moment I fell under her spell. For some strange reason she liked me and told me so. I hailed a cab and we went back to my apartment. We sat on my couch and somehow I instinctively knew she trusted me and began to tell me what had happened to her on that fateful night in 1692, when she was left for dead.

CHAPTER 6:  1690