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Chapter Four: The Second Recording Session

I got to the studio at 10:30 pm, Russ was in the band area cleaning up and throwing away beer cans left from the previous band. Russ just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Part of the territory" and we both laughed. Pamula arrived ten minutes early and said enthusiastically,
"I have a song for all my forgotten friends." I told her "I hope it isn't depressing, people want to forget their problems not remember them." She coyly laughed and said "No, no this song is about the dead and my friends that are half alive." Russ and I just looked at each other and assumed the "half alive people" are her druggy friends. "Christ she is on something" I mumbled under my breath, but of course I found out later it was far worse than that.

Tom-toms jump kicked her song "Down Below" and she played this heavy bass line which I have to admit had my attention.

(Listen)  TAKE ONE: DOWN BELOW.mp3

Next came a couple of electrifying guitar tracks and man this song was happening. She added some feedback, dancing in a ritualistic way, in front of Russ's Fender amp, as if this were a ceremony of some sorts. The song was turning into a strange and eerie rockin' piece of music. She asked for the lights to be turned completely off in the vocal booth, which Russ did at her request. The song started, we heard some chanting and the booth door slammed. In the middle of the song we heard a mans voice come over the playback speakers, "Into the earth you go, back into the dark mist of eternal rest, where I'll be waiting for you all in that great unknown." Then he laughed, which sent chills through the both of us. Russ and I were totally freaked. How did she sneak somebody in while we were in the control booth? I got up to investigate and when I opened the door Pamula was standing there, almost guarding our door and stopped me dead in my tracks. "You don't wanna go there, stay by me."
The session was still recording when I heard the same voice through the wall chanting "Ashes to ashes dust to dust your ashes are all mine." "Whose doing the voice he's great?" I asked. She smirked and when the song was over, she said, "Now you can go and meet him." So I went and opened the door to the vocal booth and no one was frickin' inside the damn booth! I turned to Pamula and she just stood there laughing at me. "Russ, I'd like to do my vocals now," she said teasing me and gently pushed me aside and closed the booths' door. Then she sang;

(Listen)  DOWN BELOW.mp3

Dust and grime clouds my eyes

Haven't slept in days I feel a bit depraved

Wish I had some food

cause my stomachs making noises

and it's a long, long, long, long drop

'til I make it Down below

CHAPTER 6:  1690