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Chapter Three: The museum

Waking up the next day, I tried to figure it out. Maybe I needed a break from everything. I no longer felt like my old self, and I wasn't even sure why. Something was pulling me somewhere.
(Listen) Descent Into The Void.mp3

I got off the trolley at Kenmore Square/Commonwealth Ave and started walking to clear my head. I found myself wandering around the Fenway area when I got caught in a rainstorm. On impulse, I quickly ducked inside the Gunthner Museum. Realizing I might be here for awhile, I made the best of the situation and decided to look around until the rain stopped.

The Gunthner Museum has all these old portraits that a very wealthy woman had owned. This place had actually been her magnificent home at one point. Walking in and out of the exhibit rooms, I started to feel funny. I felt a presence. I smelled her perfume and could hear her voice. I stopped and looked around but I was totally alone. (listen) Museum Scene.mp3

Panicking, I rushed from room to room. I stopped and shook my head. Slowly looking up at the portrait on the farthest wall I saw it. But it couldn't be. I approached the portrait and looked at the woman in the portrait. My eyes fell to the nameplate...

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Man I was freakin' and stumbling out of the Museum, I felt very disoriented. I didn't remember much after leaving the museum as I was totally lost in my thoughts. When I got home Howie called from work and asked "where the hell I'd been?" I told him about getting stuck in the storm and he laughed and said, "Hey man next time call a cab, I'll give you the fare" he laughed and hung up. I took a shower and got ready for the nights session at the studio with Pamula. I figured I'd mention the portrait, see what she says, but all the while I was trying to rationalize it all as a coincidence. Yeah it had to be that,


Pamela Davis 1692,

strange coincidence. . . . .

or not?

CHAPTER 6:  1690