Pamela Davis
Don't Look Back Interview

Pamela Davis has released her latest album 'Don't Look Back'.
Ken: You’ve been very busy, releasing four albums in the past three years. Where do you find inspiration?

Pamela: I find that inspiration is always there, but you have to realize it’s there to create. When I get ready to create, I just turn the switch on and I’m usually off and writing. Inspiration is emotionally where one is at that moment of creation.

Ken: The album begins with Over and over again, setting the tone for what’s ahead. What made you choose that song to lead off the album?

Pamela: Over & Over Again was the first tune I wrote for the album and it just sounded like a great lead in track for the rest of the album. The order of the album is pretty much the way it was recorded with ‘Sunday Afternoon’ next.

Ken: There are many candidates on the album, but what are you planning as the first single?
'Paradise With You' and Franz Mesmer will be the first release. I'll be playing 'Paradise With You' live on a TV show later in the week (Wandering Thru Wayne's World).

Ken: That’s excellent. Where can we watch it?

Pamela: It is an internet TV station but I'll be posting it on my website too at

Ken: A song that stands out far from the rest is Franz Mesmer. You really showed off your creativity in that song. Tell me what’s the story behind it?

Pamela: I was talking to a friend who turned me onto Mesmer's story, and it seemed a shame the way he was treated. He is the father of hypnosis, though at the time everyone thought the power was coming through his hands. King Louie XVI wanted to destroy his reputation because he wouldn't commit to the king's political leanings. Sad story which plays out often in history.

Ken: Paradise With You is a very romantic song, can you tell us more about it?

Paradise With You is a song about longing to be in beautiful place with the person you love. Getting away from the day to day grind of life. You Know That I want You is the same message, but in that song it's the day to day working on the road, airports, motel rooms, board meetings, wanting only to escape and come home to that special person.

Ken: Don’t Look Back, the title track, deals heavily with war, and I see the inside cover shows you standing next to a tank in army fatigues, carrying a machine gun. Tell me more about the photo and the song.

Pamela: Don't Look Back is a metaphor on war. The anger I was feeling over a situation made me think how people could feel in war. It put an edge to the song and overall on the album, that I don't believe I ever expressed (in her writing). It basically made the song hard hitting, aggressive which resulted in an entertaining frantic guitar playing song. The photo is a spoof, I don't think I look like a soldier at all (Pamela laughs).

Ken: The title Silvery Moon elicits thoughts of romance in a more innocent time period, but the song portrays a contrast of that ideal. Was that intentional?

Pamela: Another term associated with silvery moon is shady moon, shades of grey. The person I wrote the song about was a very close friend at one point, and as I got to know him, I realized he was full of BS. I didn't have to make up anything on that song, as he supplied me with plenty of lyrics. I need to stop hanging around negative people, though they make great subject matters for my songs (Pamela laughs).

Ken: Sunday Afternoon takes an upbeat melody and adds a heavy dose of sarcasm with the lyrics, as if the happy music represents the delusion the main character lives under. Is that right?

Pamela: Yeah, I've gotten sick of everyone so into themselves, and never taking the time to look around or feel empathy with others. Sometimes I feel like one has to use a sledge hammer to get someone's attention, so yes the song was written about someone who only sees themselves.

Ken: You wrote all the songs on the album except for one, Black Summer Rain. Does that song have special meaning to you?

Pamela: Black Summer Rain is the emotional weathervane of this album. I was feeling that song strongly and decided to record it. It wasn't meant at first to be released, but it does seem to fit the album.

Ken: You have a wide array of string instruments in your studio, many of which you no doubt used on the album. What are some of the more unique instruments that you’ve used on Don’t Look Back?

Pamela: I used a baritone electric to compose 'You Know I Want You', tenor acoustic on 'Paradise With You'. Eastwood dobro folkster on Franz Mesmer, tenor & baritone ukulele on Sunny Afternoon, also soprano electric guitar, and sitar guitar.

I’m very impressed with this album and I believe all music lovers will be too. I encourage you to download Don’t Look Back from iTunes or Amazon, or to purchase the CD from
And Pamela isn’t finished yet. I’m told there is even more music to look forward to in the near future. Stay tuned!
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