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Clear Blue Skies Today
July 2011

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Don't Let It Go - live version

Don't Let It Go - live version
Clear Blue Skies Today

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 Clear Blue Skies Today is a masterpiece. Pamela has outdone herself creating an album’s worth of fun, catchy songs that make this album an instant classic.  It frankly sounds like a greatest hits album; it is that good. I’ve had various songs running around in my head for weeks since hearing it for the first time. The album captures the feel of summer time on the surface and at a deeper level. There are several song titles that build up the theme like Oceans, Sunny Days, Hot in the Sun, and Clear Blue Sky Today.  Throughout the album, though, the music has a carefree, happy feel one might have coming home after spending a day at the beach. I spoke with Pamela recently and asked her about her new release: Not much time has passed since your last original album, Random Harvest.  

When did you start working on Clear Blue Skies Today?   
This collection of songs were written and recorded last summer, (2010).  

Much of the album has a relaxed, warm, happy feel to it.  What was going through your mind when you wrote these songs?  

I decided before writing the album that I did want a summer album of tunes. I wrote the song Oceans a few years prior and decided I wanted the whole album to reflect my new adopted state, which is Florida. I wanted the album to reflect the endless summers I’ve felt down here for the past ten years.

Interesting choice of words there. I take it your “state” also speaks to your state of mind since moving south?  
Yeah, both (laughs).   

Did you target a genre of music when you wrote the songs?   
Yes, I decided that I would let the songs progress in more of a pop rock style and wanted to write songs that were very catchy. Usually I stop myself from writing very catchy melodies, but this time out I let it happen, even encouraging myself to let go and do it. There are quite a lot of strong songs on the album.  

What are your picks for the singles?  
“You Make Me Feel Special”, “Don’t Let It Go”,
Here I Go Again” & “Hot In The Sun”.  

Do you usually allocate time for songwriting, or do
you tend to wait for inspiration to strike?
I’ve always been able to write songs at the drop of a hat, but stopped writing for a while, busy with other aspects of music (teaching, producing, performing, etc). This project I set it up, I wrote a song and then recorded all the parts. Each song were written, recorded and mixed in seven days. That meant I didn’t have time to ponder lyrics, composition or any of the parts. It was all done very quickly and I think as a result the listener can hear the fun, and looseness on the tracks.  
You play all the instruments on the album, including drums.  Tell us about some of the instruments you used on the album.  
I play on this album Electric, Acoustic, & Classical Guitar, Tenor & Soprano Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums as you mentioned, Piano, Keyboards, Violin, Ukulele, Greek & Celtic Bouzouki, Mandolin & the Charango.

 The CD case is filled with fun candid photos.  Tell us a bit more about the pictures you chose and the inspiration behind them.
Well let’s start with the cover with me and my Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar against a clear blue sky.  Back cover swimming in the ocean. Inside walking on the shoreline posing, leaning against my bike out on a long ride, and posing with some tropical plants. All the pictures taken in the last few years except the front cover which was new for the album.   

Will fans be able to hear some of these new songs live soon?

Well as you know I am performing locally as solo artist. I do perform
"Don’t Let It Go” and I will be posting a live video version of that on YouTube shortly. The other song, “You Make Me Feel Special”. I’d like to do the whole album live and do shows around that.   

You can checkout Pamela’s performance schedule, videos, albums, etc on her website: