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Return To Tranzotica
Relaxation, Ambient Exotic instrumental Music
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Return To Tranzotica is Pamela Davis’s latest ambient release of relaxation, hypnotic, tranquil music.
The instrumental album blends a complexity of ethnic sounds woven together in an integral way, focusing on real world stringed instruments mixed with creative synthesizer sounds, producing a refreshing balance that soothes the listener.

Return To Tranzotica" is the second ambient release from Pamela Davis, and is a follow-up to "Welcome To Tranzotica", which hit the top of the charts on the “Health & Fitness” iTunes category. "Welcome To Tranzotica" hit number one in a dozen countries across the globe from Nicaragua to Lithuania and from Turkey to Vietnam. Her first ambient release also achieved top ten status in over three dozen more countries, with downloads exceeding well over 135,000.

Songwriter, singer and instrumentalist Pamela Davis plays a wide variety of string instruments from all over the world combining them in new and invigorating ways. She has the unique ability to break down ethnic musical walls by using instruments and sounds that would never normally be expected to work together and blend them to produce uplifting and inspiring music. 

"Return To Tranzotica" continues it spiritual journey where the first album left off, creating sonic imagery for an overpoweringly enlightening experience. Prepare to escape to a mythical island, this time on a magic carpet ride high in the clouds, and leave this journey refreshed, content and relaxed.


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