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Marlene Rides Again
A Marlene Dietrich Tribute

Pamela Davis’s landmark album ‘Marlene Rides Again’ celebrates the iconic music of legendary actress & vocalist Marlene Dietrich. Enjoy sixteen songs of Dietrich’s most-loved songs, including "Falling In Love Again”, “Boys In The Backroom”, “Lili Marlene

Marlene Rides Again Podcast:
Martine Perry interviews Pamela on her tribute to Marlene Dietrich
Listen to tracks and explore the creature process behind the making of the album

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Recording artist Pamela Davis has released her brand new album "Marlene Rides Again", a tribute to the Hollywood Legend Marlene Dietrich.

Dietrich's first major breakthrough occurred with her first talking picture, "The Blue Angel" in 1930. In most of her films over the next few decades, Dietrich would sing songs written exclusively for each movie. Pamela has recorded some of those songs with new arrangements, in the original keys that Marlene sang them in.

The idea behind the album was to modernize each song while finding new ways to interpret Dietrich's classic tunes. Pamela's album features subtle new musical arrangements, updating the styles and sounds while staying true to the essential core of the tunes. The new compilation displays Pamela's sultry, playful voice. She also played multiple instruments on every track including piano, guitar, bass, drums, banjolele, and string & horn arrangements. Ms Davis is joined on a half-dozen songs with Marty Gilman, who added clarinet, trumpets, flute, piano, and string arrangements. Martine Perry also appears on a few backing harmonies, joining in with Pamela to create beautiful, lush vocals that add emotion to the songs.

This is Pamela Davis's fourteenth album. She is known for her rock albums, and also for instrumental world music and relaxation compilations. Her three world music albums, including "Welcome To Tranzotica", reached number one in a dozen countries on iTunes. Ms Davis played all the exotic instruments on each release.

An exciting tribute album to one of Pamela's heroes, Davis has modernized these jewels from Marlene Dietrich's song catalog. Sit back, take a listen, and enjoy these refreshing and timeless classics.

Marlene Rides Again Videos

Falling In Love

Near You

Lilli Marlene

The Laziest Gal In Town

Another Spring, Another Love

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