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Dear John Podcast: Rediscovering John Lennon's lost tapes 1976-80
Martine Perry discussing Pamela's motivation on recording these forgotten Lennon's songs

Jim Prell interviews Pamela on The Music Authority Nov 19, 2019

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Dear John
A John Lennon Tribute

Dear John is a loving tribute by Pamela Davis to John Lennon’s 1976-80 lost Dakota demos. Lennon never got to professionally record those tunes, so Pamela decided to turn his demos into a full rock band production. Now, the listener can hear these twelve tracks as they might have sounded, had John Lennon lived.

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All songs written by John Lennon
1. Whatever Happened To, 2. She Is A Friend Of Dorothy’s, 3. Now And Then, 4. Serve Yourself, 5. Grow Old With Me
6. India, 7. My Life, 8. Gone From This Place, 9. Illusions (Not For Love Or Money), 10. One Of The Boys, 11. Mr. Hyde's Gone (Don't Be Afraid), 12. Dear John

 Recording artist Pamela Davis has released her latest album, 'Dear John', which is a John Lennon tribute compilation. It features twelve songs Lennon never got the chance to professionally record. Pamela Davis has been a big fan of John Lennon, and always wished she could hear those songs done professionally with a rock band. With this project, she has tried to keep those songs as close as possible to what Lennon had recorded, with the same key, tempo, and feel. Ms Davis focused on the production used from 1968 (The White Album) through his last sessions in 1980 (Double Fantasy). Each different production era was applied carefully on each song. Pamela stated “If you listen very carefully to John’s demos, one can imagine what he may have wanted on each song, and I used my intuition to, hopefully, honor John Lennon’s lost Dakota tapes era”.

Lennon had taken five years off from the music scene to devote to his newborn son Sean, all the while composing and making demos of newly written songs. None of those songs were recorded on professional equipment. Nevertheless, we are fortunate enough to have them. Some were composed on piano while others were recorded on guitar, and occasionally with double tracked vocals.

Pamela Davis is a multi-instrumentalist who played all the instruments, including guitar, piano, bass, drums, all string and horn arrangements, plus lead and harmony vocal parts.

This is Pamela Davis's fifteenth album. She is known for her rock albums, and also for instrumental world music and relaxation compilations. Her three world music albums, including 'Welcome To Tranzotica', reached number one in a dozen countries on iTunes and was a best seller. Ms Davis played all the exotic instruments on each release.

Listening to ’Dear John’ will showcase what a great songwriter John Lennon truly was. Ms Davis has truly breathed new life into these lost gems.

Videos from the Dear John album

Whatever Happened To

Grow Old With Me

My Life

Dear John

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