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Click Like
'Click Like' is a rocking original electric guitar instrumental, with the lead played on my old Fender Stratocaster.
On rhythm guitars I used my Gibson ES Les Paul & Gretsch Penguin. I also played my Fender Jazz Bass, organ, and my Ludwig classic drumkit. If you haven't already subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do, and oh yeah please 'Click Like' on YouTube.

White Rabbit
video single release
Dear John
A John Lennon Tribute

Dear John is a loving tribute by Pamela Davis to John Lennon’s 1976-80 lost Dakota demos. Lennon never got to professionally record those tunes, so Pamela decided to turn his demos into a full rock band production. Now, the listener can hear these twelve tracks as they might have sounded, had John Lennon lived.

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Take a listen to the album's twelve tracks on Spotify

Jim Prell interviews Pamela on The Music Authority Nov 19, 2019
In depth interview on the day of the new album release.

Dear John Podcast: Rediscovering John Lennon's lost tapes 1976-80
Martine Perry discussing Pamela's motivation on recording these forgotten Lennon's songs

East Of Tranzotica is an album of refreshingly peaceful, relaxing, trippy, & psychedelic tracks on a journey to escape the stresses of our daily lives. Pamela Davis's musical legacy continues with her fourth instrumental album, which explores her mythical island named Tranzotica.

Track listings: 1. A New Day, 2. Rejoice 3. Gone By Air, 4. Dream Six, 5. The Enlightened Journey, 6. Jupiter Island

A New Day

Pamela's YouTube video page
Over 60 music videos from many of her album tracks and don't forget to subscribe for the latest video releases


World Music

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New Horizons video from Escape To Tranzotica

Other Ambient World Music Instrumentals


Number "1" in these countries. Nicaragua, Senegal, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Lithuania, Turkey, Moldova, Vietnam

Ambient Relaxation Instrumental

Has been downloaded over 135,000
times from all around the world

Top 10 around the world!
Senegal 2, Latvia 2, Kazakhstan 2, Nicaragua 1, Botswana 2, Tunisia 2,Tunisia 3, Senegal 3, Latvia 3, Tunisia 4, Kuwait 3, Luxembourg 4, Turkey 4, Kazakhstan 4, Latvia 4, Malta 5, Saudi Arabia 5, Croatia 5, Qatar 5, Bulgaria 5,Jamaica 6, Qatar 5, Estonia 6, Jamaica 6, Kuwait 6 Lithuania 6, Latvia 7, Kazakhstan 7, Luxembourg 7, Romania 7, Russia 8, Slovakia 9, Kuwait 9, Macau 9, Egypt 9, Republic 9, Israel 9,Slovenia 9, Macau 9, Romania 10, Saudi Arabia 9, Greece 10.

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The sequel to the number "1" international chart topper, is now available for purchasing.

The new ambient album continues it spiritual journey where the first album left off, creating sonic imagery for an overpoweringly enlightening experience. Prepare to escape to a mythical island, on a magic carpet ride high in the clouds.

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